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Hello again!!!! Welcome to my (slightly) updated WEB site. I know, compared with Charlie's it's just a lame excuse for one, but hey -- we're all individuals and I can't help it if some people have aeons of time to get their site to be a GOOD THING.

What have I been up to lately? Well, I'm still a contract programmer against all the odds. Can't believe they've not figured it out yet. Or maybe I'm just underating my own talents (hmm...).

I have recently moved into an obscenely nice house (check my grammar, someone, please!) which is really turning out to be rather nice. I've moved in with my girlfriend, Alison, who is studying for something called `part fours'. Shhh...

In an attempt to stop myself becoming another couch potato I have invested in a thing called a `motorbike' which I will report on in the weeks to come. Watch this space (if the page doesn't get updated then you know something drastic has happened)

I decided to edit this document using Netscape, just to see what the editor is capable of. Is this the most underused piece of software in the world? How do you edit your web pages -- is this an obvious route? Anyway, with all this professional code under one statically-linked executable, I just had to start exploring.

The bike thing has got a bit serious recently. You might want to check out the Cadwell photos link below for pics from the latest Cadwell track day outing. Not that you lot appreciate what I went through on the way home. Have _you_ ever had a puncture without any breakdown cover or a repair kit? Not much fun. Thanks to Carl and Paul for saving the day (boy has that man got contacts). I WON'T be that stupid next time round.

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