It's not CRAP!

The Research Student Sporadical FREE! to all Research Students...... Issue 2 - July 1993


Luton College (or should I say University of Luton) research students were said to be in a mild state of shock last night as the incredible news arrived about the new status for the college.

No longer will the students be able to blend into the mediocrity that is a College of Higher Education, they must now strive to be academically equivalent to other Universities (not hard in the case of Oxford-Brookes, allegedly). It was noted, however, that the students could therefore look forward to obscenely long holidays and not seeing their supervisors for six months at a time*.

*nothing new there then - The Ed.

Inside This Bumper Issue!

  1. Captain Comment
  2. Carption Competition
  3. Claims to Fame
  4. Advertisment
  5. Are You Right On?
  6. Landgrab
  7. Summer Look
  8. Ladies Tea Guild
  9. Things they never say...
  10. Letters to the Editor
  11. Lonely Hearts at the Carp
  12. Captain Shark
  13. Crap Joke Corner
  14. Carpscope
  15. Hobarth Comments
  16. Governor's Dinner
  17. SWAT